Wednesday, April 11, 2007


I made another trip to Second Life last night and met two friends - one I am more sure about than the other but time will tell. There seem to be some safe places to navigate there.

I was able to catch up on some H-Net related tasks today and received some appreciative responses back. I worried about the farm needlessly (because of the cold winter snap) - even with the heat off, the temp was still 68 degrees - guess they really build houses tight sometimes. But, next year I'm not turning the heat totally off until May 1 - the same time I can plant the garden.

We're headed to Santa Fe tomorrow to present about TAH at the National Council for Public History meeting. I love the food there and the people will be fun.

Our TAHPS workshop went well yesterday - the presenter was enthusiastic and really engaged the teachers so it got us off to a great start.

I feel like I'm starting to catch up at least a bit. I'm learning I can't do it all at once and there's no since putting undue pressure on myself (but I still will, of course). I also did some shopping at Walgreens so that's one more thing caught up. I have been giving them quite a bit more of my business than Wal-mart but have had to occasionally return to Wal-mart for contact solution that's only available there - apparently I'm allergic to most of the name brand for my new soft lenses. So, one more problem solved.

It might even snow while we are in Santa Fe. I'm beginning to think we'll just skip spring and go straight from winter to summer.

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