Thursday, May 24, 2007

High School Musical

I heard a piece on NPR this morning about the high schools putting on the musical adaptation of High School Musical.

I'm wondering if there's a connection between this and the popularity of shows like American Idol? Musicals had somewhat fallen by the wayside as a _school-wide_ phenomenon and seems to be resurging. Maybe it's because as everyone sees the possibility of their being a star, the musical gives them an opportunity even if they aren't part of the "music clique" or "choir clique" at school. So, maybe this is an example of modern culture opening up more traditional opportunities?

When I was a kid, I was in two plays after my mom had played Mrs. Upson in a community production of Mame. I had the opportunity to be a Toreadorable in Gypsy and I don't recall the second one except that I liked how organized the director was - she blocked off when we had to be there instead of having to spend every night for 3 months at the production location.

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