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Native American Zuni Fetish Meaning

Native American Zuni Fetish Meaning

What is a fetish?

American Indians have used fetishes throughout recorded history, especially the Indians of the Southwest. A fetish is an object which is believed to have magic power. Fetishes may be of any form or material, but they all have one purpose - to assist man against any real or potential problems. The problems can be those of the mind, body or universe.

Fetishes can be owned by an individual, family, clan, kiva society or an entire tribe. Special care must be taken by an individual to feed and admire the fetish. They are believed to feed on cornmeal while they are kept in a special pot or pouch. Ground turquoise is often mixed with the cornmeal.

Fetishes are decorated with turquoise, arrowheads, coral, etc. as a means of adornment. This is to show affection and appreciation by the maker and/or owner. The better treatment a fetish receives, the better performance it is likely to provide.

Most fetishes relate to animals. Usually they are animals of prey, which are acknowledged as the most powerful providers in life, therefore they are accepted as having great powers and strong hearts.

The Zuni Indians of New Mexico believe strongly in six cardinal guardian fetishes. Each is symbolic of a direction and has a specific color which is synonymous with that direction. The guardian fetish of the North (yellow) is the mountain lion. The South (red) is the badger. The West (blue) is the bear. The East (white) is the wolf. Additionally, the mole is the guardian of the nadir (inner earth - black) and Zepath (sky - any color) is the eagle.

I've started collecting these when I go to Santa Fe. I didn't realize they were supposed to bring such powerful positives.

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