Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rainy Weekend

The family and friend time has been good but the rain yesterday and the increasing rain and thunderstorms today means I'll head home early - just too much to do. Having the internet at the lake is great (it's what I'm on now) but not the same comfort as being in my own house. And there will be more family time next weekend with the cousins in Cincinnati.

Wednesday is a personal appointment day to get myself ready for the next month of busy activities. I am disappointed because it appears we didn't get any new history grants but there is certainly enough to keep me busy. I am evaluating one grant in Santa Fe in the new round so that will mean I'll have more time head out that way - and you really do have to drag me to SF kicking and screaming, as you may know from previous blog posts.

I haven't spent as much time in Second Life this week except for the conference but, when I was there, I learned about some new tools that may be useful in introducing teachers and my pre-service teacher undergrads to some new approaches to studying primary sources as well as to the virtual world of SL.

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