Thursday, May 17, 2007

Working Outside

I've been busy catching up outside this week and handling repair issues that have been hanging out a long time (and not necessarily because I didn't get to them . . . :-) ). It's been great weather and I do love seeing immediate results from my work - the joys of weedeating. And so far, I'm keeping myself from getting poison ivy. Jumping in the shower immediately plus applying Ivy Block beforehand makes all the difference I think.

Shadow has lost his observation privileges given his last adventure off the property a few weeks ago. His bad hearing and eye sight (he's obviously following his nose) make it even more worrisome. So, if he's not sitting on the fourwheeler, he's in the car so he doesn't walk away without my knowing about it because I'm getting equipment ready, etc.

I made a great dent in the weedeating yesterday and spread weed killer around the house. Now it needs to have water added and I need to finish the weedeating. Then it's blowing away the excess and spraying more weedkiller along the driveway so I can stay on top of it. The rain the last several weeks meant my schedule didn't connect with staying quite on top of it. But it keeps getting better all the time. And now that I have learned to change the heads on the weedeater - life is MUCH better. Besides putting a stop to the rotation, you have to first find where the little stopper goes ALL the way in on the circumference instead of just up against. What a PhD doesn't teach you. :-)

There's family work to do tomorrow and then it's off to the lake for the weekend.

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