Tuesday, June 26, 2007

At the farm at last

After having a great lunch with my friend, Marcia, I'm at the farm again for more than just an hour or a night. While the forecast is rain, it's nice to spend some non-rushed time out here (thank goodness for fixed wireless internet and Galen's great service!).

I met Marcia at a farmers' market across the state line that bowled us over. I actually have some squash blossoms so that I can relive my 2005 Tuscany/Umbria experience. If I only had better/quicker access to good ricotta cheese. I'll just add some fresh grated parmesano and we'll be good!

I've been too busy the last two years to pickle beets but the bushel of beets I saw today was calling my name. After a call to my trusty friend, Jan, I'm halfway to making them. They're boiled, skinned, and refrigerated. Tomorrow, we'll slice beets, sterilize jars, and cook and can pickled beets -one of my absolute favorites!

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