Sunday, June 10, 2007

Catching Up

I can't believe it's June 10 already.

The rest of our workshop went well and the evening presentation by Dr. Keene was outstanding and more than half of the teachers attended. She is quite a role model both as fellow historian and department chair. Plus, she has 2 other KC gigs based on her GLI setting her up to come here.

Friday I spent recovering from the busy week. The excitement these seminars always generate - demonstrating how much I love being involved with setting them up and implementing them - as well as the driving was a bit much. I guess I'm not 25 anymore. :-)

When we were coming home from having BBQ and her presentation, Dr. Keene asked if I'd like to have a cosmo in the hotel bar. I happily obliged her on that, too. It's great to meet an academic with such a positive attitude that has gone beyond the sometimes overly competitive atmosphere of graduate school.

I wasn't sure I would feel like driving to the lake but decided that Saturday's weather gave me no option but to go. I'd gone over to Carthage Saturday to eat with my parents and had a great time. I want to enjoy Mom's good health while it's still possible.

Sam and I both woke up to rumbling thunder that wasn't supposed to arrive until noon so we made a run to Panera thanks to the bridge constructed to Osage Beach a few years ago and then headed home.

Looks like I'll be headed to Washington for the History Education Policy meeting on Tuesday after all. I've been asked to represent OAH and am glad to do so. The meeting is at the National Archives and Dr. Weinstein is going to address us. I'm also looking forward to getting a chance to talk to David again in person - we have many mutual interests. Much of today was spent preparing for the quick DC trip. Saturday we're off to Boston with the teachers but Rich will be flying out with us to guide the way.

Tomorrow various projects are on the table that need to get off the table before I fly to DC. Thank goodness for Midwest Airlines - otherwise, it would take full days instead of 1 1/2 days.

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