Saturday, June 23, 2007

Cloudy Day at the Lake

After deciding that I should not stay home just because there was work to do (there is always is), I drove down to the lake and stopped at some farmers' markets along the way. Our late winter freeze just decimated our berry crops and so it just doesn't seem the same. I did see some great pickling cucumbers but since I am not home to process them, I will do that next week. There are farmers markets in nearby towns on Tuesday and Friday, too (and they aren't at the crack of dawn!)

It's cloudy but the actual rain chances are only 30% to 40%.

I spent some time talking to the neighbors last evening and we're at least starting to figure out what is causing our lack of water drainage problems (my sump pump still hasn't stopped running) and the neighbor said that not only the 90% clogged storm drain but the land on the other side of the trees that they "re-arranged" when clearing out for a subdivision has served as a dam - especially to my property. The good news is that the city is apparently looking at how that drains all the way down to the larger drain about 1/2 mile down which is good - no since solving one problem and creating another. And, it shouldn't be up to use to go after a developer whom the city was supposed to make follow the guidelines. So, we're getting there.

I hope to spend some time at the farm this week - and especially to regain possession of the big weedeater with the blade. I'll head back here to the lake probably next Sunday for a few days and then make go back to spend the actual Fourth of July with Mom if she is not going to be able to come to the lake.

I have a newsletter article and a book chapter to finish this week as well as the grading of all the teacher projects from the last month and submitting grades. Also need to get books ordered for the grant teachers taking the fall class. I have a one-month free membership to Amazon Prime and I'll have to say I quite enjoyed seeing the books shipped out almost immediately and showing up at my doorstep too soon.

My colleague that just returned from Vietnam called yesterday and I can't wait to hear more details about the trip. That actually might be someplace that far away I would like to go. I do like Vietnamese food even and food is always a big part of any successful vacation that I take. :-)

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