Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ethanol (E85)

I was disappointed a couple of weeks ago to discover that the closest down no longer carries ethanol (E85) even though they still have E10. Yesterday, I found an E85 location that is doable - except that I hope they change their register to reflect that I am buying E85 so that the receipts will work for a $750 Kansas tax credit if I buy 500 gallons by December 2008 - something entirely doable given how much I drive. (I've already broken 3000 in less than a month in the new Tahoe). Currently the receipt from this place says "NTDSEL" which is obviously "not deisel" but is not clearly ethanol - after all, "not deisel" could just be gas.

The Kansas Corn Growers have an interesting ethanol site I've pointed to before. Apparently this new location is selling lots of E85 so maybe the first place was just too far ahead of the curve for the market?

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