Saturday, June 16, 2007

Final Prep for Boston

Just like right before we went to Kansas City, I need one more day in my week. The trip to DC was well worth making on a variety of fronts but it took several days to recover.

I made more progress than I expected working in the yard last night despite the high humidity. I tried to wait until it cooled off a bit -both for me and for Shadow. I woke up about 5:30am this morning with all that was going on the next week running through my brain - again, not an unusual occurrence.

Think I'll skip the farmers' market this morning. My favorite farmer hasn't been coming given that his berry crops mostly froze and I will be gone all week and I'll be here next week to go. I'm going to wash the car and finish the lawn and get the sprinklers ready given that there is no guaranteed rain - unlike the last two months. My friend's husband is going to come check on the roof leak - I caulked what appeared to be the loose shingle causing the problem.

Most importantly, I cleared out the gutters yesterday. There wasn't much in them, so I was puzzled given how they seemed to be full based on how the water was overflowing. However, it was primarily the drainspouts being totally clogged - which doesn't take much - so now that that is taken care of, I should be set. Which makes me realize I did forget to doublecheck the back downspout. I guess there's always something to add to the joys of home ownership!

I'm mentally ready to be in Boston - especially since Rich will be in charge of the tour tomorrow and the logistics on Monday when we go to the Archives and to Lowell Mills. And it looks like there's not much chance of rain and that the cool weather has subsided. I would love the cool weather - I just hate packing for such big ranges.

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