Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Problem Solved

As I sat down yesterday to start working on my folder of materials about the jammed up city drainage/stormwater system, I noticed a city truck pull up. Naturally, I went out to greet them. (Remember my morning email had given an update along with a request for a meeting today before I attended tonight's city council meeting . . . . )

They immediately guessed who I was and it turned out to be the man I had been corresponding with as well as who I later discovered was the city engineer. I showed them the problem and then we walked along the drainage area. I also learned something about sump pumps - they don't push out just trickles of water. I assumed since it was brand new it wouldn't have issues like that so I've let a message with the plumber to come check on it. It has indeed been running since April 27. Last night I slept much more peacefully without a constant pumping sound.

I also have my larger weedeater back so I can go over the growth along the back fenceline again. I'm just hoping he balanced the blade for me or else I'll have to go get a Stihl tool to do that.

I hope to head to the farm later today with a stop by Greenbush to make copies of evals to send along.

It's great to have one less stressor off the list. I was really worried about my poor little house.

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