Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday evening

It turned out to be a great weekend at the lake and included a ride on our cousins' new boat as the sunset yesterday evening.

Dad came down this morning and we discussed my sump pump/situation. Since he is a mayor, he reminded me that the city works on complaints so I had been patient enough and need to more aggressively pursue the situation. So, in the morning I will go out and take some pictures. I've done some research on the city website and it appears that there are approvals going on for the subdivision behind me that caused the last bout of problems. So, I will do some more research in the morning and let the city officials know what more info I have.

Then, as Dad reminded me, I shouldn't be shy about showing up at a city council meeting to ask about the progress of the work. I need to take a folder of information to the city official and to the city council meeting to hand them that includes pictures -thank goodness a digital camera will make that easy. And it looks like the "public question" time is toward the beginning of the meeting although I need to look to see if the approvals relating to the subdivision in question will take place later and I will stay around for that portion. Luckily, there is a city council meeting Tuesday so I can show up in person to make my point.

The most challenging thing is not having light under the house and taking pictures of the water there. I am glad Dad made the point that I don't want my floors to warp - there's no going back from that. And I did talk to Gerry and he emphatically talked about getting the water taken care of. As I think about it more, knowing that the neighbors' who sit closer to the problem don't have the sump pump running just makes it more of a problem that mine still is running CONSTANTLY. Now, I can say that I allowed adequate time when everything was dry for them to fix it and it still isn't fixed and that I am certainly concerned about property damage.

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