Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday morning

So where has the week gone? Looks like I will be staying around these parts until it's time to head north for the next teacher workshop on July 8. I made some ricotta/parmesan filling for the squash blossoms I found at the farmers' market. Ummmm goood. I also made a trip to get the good meat that is custom cut and isn't full of fillers - just getting good ground chuck is getting more difficult with the Walmarts of the world running the traditional grocery stores out of business (although I'll admit that Walmart has some of the best produce many times). But I haven't been to Walmart much lately given that Walgreens is much more convenient and much less of a hassle. I save up my list to go to Walmart given that the primary thing only available there is their generic contact lens solution that is an old sensitive eyes formulation. Plus, it's sometimes worth paying grocery store prices for Walmart items so that I don't have to deal with the parking hassle and the crowds. That makes me think - I've been doing the separate discount store/grocery store shopping for 20 years but now that line has morphed. I've thought about checking into Amazon delivering much of it to my door but I would still like to support the local economy as much as possible - including buying Griffin's grape jelly and syrup.

I feel like I have an extra horizon in front of me given that I'm up so early (back on the usual schedule and not the catching up on sleep/overcoming stress schedule). And the rain outside negates the debate with myself that I should be working outside.

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