Thursday, June 21, 2007

Touring Boston

My colleague Rich did a great job with our tours in Boston on Sunday afternoon - we hit most of the highlights of the Freedom Trail. He and his wife came into Kansas City the night before and we ate at the Hereford House since they wanted steak and had a good meal. Sunday night we had great Italian food in the North End.

Our workshop at the National Archives in Waltham was outstanding and the teachers found it very enlightening. After lunch, we jumped back on the bus to head to Lowell Mills.

The last 3 days teachers participated in a Gilder Lehrman seminar with Dr. Clarence Taylor and Mr. Jeff Feinberg. Dr. Taylor was very interesting and Mr. Feinberg worked quite hard to offer teachers an engaging experience in the afternoon.

Evenings were also fun walking around Boston but we're all ready to get home. I just wish I didn't live quite so far from the Kansas City airport.

Next week I'm at home and should make some progress on catching up.

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