Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Workshop Day 2 - Liberty Memorial

I drove up to Kansas City and took our World War I speaker to dinner on Monday. On my drive up, I called in to find out if I had to report for jury duty and indeed I did. So I drove back and then woke up at 5:30 am - over an hour before I needed to. (I did the same thing this morning - I think because I really enjoy these workshops!) I reported for duty and heard some interesting stories about why people couldn't serve for the 3 to 4 day trial.

I explained that I was replacable but that my replacement was home on maternity leave so I was graciously granted a deferrment. Hopefully it comes at a time I can go as I do want to serve on a jury.

I drove back up late yesterday morning but felt a little off kilter all day given that I wasn't here to start things. It was great seeing everyone and everything went well. Tonight I will bring Dr. Keene back to do a community presentation at the Liberty Memorial on African Americans in World War I.

Last night we ate dinner at the Hereford house since the speaker requested Kansas City steak and barbeque when she was here. I was happy to oblige.

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