Saturday, July 14, 2007

TAHPS First Week Institute

We finished a successful first week of our institute. Everyone is getting to know one another and they all worked really hard this past week. For the most part, they are diving right in and making the most of the opportunity.

We spent 3 days at the Liberty Memorial and then traded off days at the Eisenhower Library and the National Archives in Kansas City. I think this group will make the most of the online resources available from the National Archives. We'll also have more regular interaction with them online as we incorporate more group projects online via Google Docs and through other forms of social networking.

I enjoyed sleeping in my own bed last night. Most of all, I"m enjoying time with Shadow. I've structured the institute so that I'm not so overwhelmed for two solid weeks and yet we're getting the same type of measured responses we need for grant documentation to the federal government.

Next week, we'll primarily be in Topeka with a one-day visit to the 18th & Vine Museums and to see Eric Langhorst. Meanwhile, it's time to wash the car and mow the lawn once the dew dries off. I may even make it to the swimming pool later today.

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