Friday, August 03, 2007

Almost on vacation

I was more tired than I thought yesterday and mowing in the heat and humidity made it so that I knew I couldn't drive all day today so there's more organizing and cleaning on deck today before I head to the farm.

A recent murder up in what is normally considered a safe suburb of Kansas City has me wondering if should post my vacation so that it's not easy to know exactly where I am until a day or so afterwards. Not that that many people are that interested but that it only takes one weirdo to be a problem. One of our teachers mentioned that the girl who was killed mentioned on either her Facebook or MySpace page that she was headed to Target and that's how he targeted her. I am surprised I didn't see that aspect played up more since, so many times, the attackers know there victim somehow even if their victims don't know them and/or aren't aware of them.

I'm sitting in my home office right now watching roofing shingles come tumbling down on my hydrangeas and lantana - we do have them somewhat covered and the guys are trying. Just the nature of the beast of getting the work done - at least it's the end of the summer - but the hydrangeas haven't bloomed yet this year and the lantana is pretty hardy in the heat.

So, more chores - at work and at home - off the decks today and I'll head out late in the afternoon so that I have time to do any outside work that needs done at the farm and then head north and/or west tomorrow and get to another state by the end of the day. I am definitely mentally ready and, by the end of the day, I should be physically ready.

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