Thursday, August 02, 2007

Home Again

There's nothing like sleeping in your own bed. And, lucky for me, I woke up just in time to be up and ready for the world when the roofers arrived.

Had a great research trip with Paul and did some early fall shopping on my way home on the KC Country Club Plaza to try to wait out the traffic standstill in the Grandview Triangle. Found a few things to ease into the fall season and, for the FIRST time, received good service at the Eddie Bauer store there. I've not had good luck in the past and usually end up ordering online from the catalog phone because no one has noticed I want to buy clothes. Sometimes it takes one personnel change to improve things and I know it's increasingly difficult to find good workers who want more than just a job and actually want to work while they are at work. I worked retail in a previous life - both big department store and specialty women's retailer . .. much more fun to wait on customers - means you don't have to fold as much and do as much inventory - although I did absolutely love unpacking the new boxes of clothes as they came in.

I'll try to get everything that has to be done around here before I head out for vacation. I'm hoping to spend the night at the farm and leave from there but only time will tell. Am probably going to climb up to Nebraska first but need to check out what is going on with the Montana wildfires so that I don't end up in the wrong spot-especially given that the "next road over" is usually quite a ways over in a state like Montana.

I'm definitely ready for the break and will get back just in time for school to start. Being in the wide open sky out West will do wonders - it really gives you perspective on things.

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