Sunday, August 05, 2007

Vacation Day 1 - Kansas/Nebraska

After weedeating at the farm, I headed west to Wichita and then north to Nebraska. I stopped in Concordia KS at lunchtime and not only found a charming old family restaurant where I had a hot roast beef sandwich with REAL mashed potatoes and gravy - no powdered bases plus a salad with "Dorothy" salad dressing. No, not Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz but Dorothy as in Dorothy Lynch. I've had it on and off over the years but primarily at home and not in restaurants.

I also found an interesting quilt and gift store. I haven't really quilted in a couple of years and they not only had an outstanding quilt fabric selection - including Kaffe fabric - but also some great clothing fabric. They were even advertising the "Make it with Wool Contest" that I have both participated in and judged.

Willa Cather spent time in Nebraska and I stopped by the historic sites in Red Cloud. A company from Fort Scott had the front of the actual historic site roped off for renovation (too bad I didn't find that in any of my web searches) but I found an interesting bookstore across the street and the owner pointed me down the next block to the WC Foundation site where I bought a few things.

Then, it was on to Kearney, Nebraska, where I settled into the hotel room and later ate at Whiskey Creek. This morning I had a chance to explore the marvelous trail along the river and we spent almost an hour walking/jogging it. The heat was low although the humidity was still high.

As I mentioned before, some posts may lag a day or two so that we can err on the side of overly safe. The crazies are everywhere . . . .

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