Saturday, September 29, 2007

My Afternoon at the ER

If only George Clooney had been there . . .

I woke up with a horrendously red left eye and a right eye that wasn't much better. Although the allergies were still hanging on, I had hoped to get a great deal more done today. Yesterday, I had gone back to using my soft contacts because I was tried of not being able to read at a close distance with my gas permeable ones - the doctor warned me at first I could strain and read and eventually my muscles just wouldn't do it any more. I think my mistake was not putting in a new pair - I can usually wear a pair for a week and thought I had only worn the last pair a few days but didn't give much thought to the solution being old given that I'd rinsed them what I thought was properly before I put them in yesterday morning. And, I so enjoyed not having to look for my reading glasses.

I can still remember how excited I was in 4th grade to find out I had to get glasses. Just like the cute boy in my class that we used to chase around the building. I picked out little gold wire rim frames that now I realize look like granny glasses. The good news in junior high was that once I proved I could keep my braces clean, I was able to get contacts by the time I was in 9th grade.

I still haven't adjusted to my bifocal glasses but will have to given that I can't wear any contacts until I go see the eye doctor - who's in the nearby city about 45 minutes away - so a tough call to get back for classes on Monday but I'll have to try. This was also a day it wasn't fun to not have anyone around to take me to the emergency room. Poor little Shadow didn't understand what was going on.

For some reason, I thought my eyes would get better as the day wore on although they actually became much worse overnight. As the doctor explained today, it's likely that I was initially allergic to something and then "obtained" an infection while my eyes were irritated. She said she couldn't tell and to go to my eye doctor on Monday.

I hope he can help me figure out what is up so I can wear the bifocal contacts. I do like them much better overall and am just too stubborn to quit trying - although today's experience will certainly slow me down quite a bit.

In hindsight, I should have started with a new pair and could have maybe saved myself all this grief. Of course, I had told myself I would try them for one day and see how I did before trying to go back to wearing them every day. Before when I had switched solutions, I already had eyes that were a little bloodshot - which I hadn't noticed at first given that I can't see the whites of my eyes until after my contacts are in and I'm then standing too far away from the mirror. Oh well. I am human after all.

I ordered myself a coffee press online so that I don't have to go to Sonic or Starbucks just to get iced latte - which I discover is primarily coffee and milk.

It is supposed to stay in the 80s this week - I'm guessing we will have a fast cool down once the fall weather really hits. The nights are much cooler but with these allergies I won't be using the attic fan anytime soon.

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