Monday, September 24, 2007

Rumble Strips on Center Line

News from The Parsons Sun: "KDOT to add rumble strip to part of U.S. 400 KDOT to add rumble strip to part of U.S. 400 Work should start in spring 2008 The Kansas Department of Transportation has tentatively scheduled the installation of center line rumble strips on U.S. 400 and U.S. 69 in Cherokee County to begin in the spring. KDOT is developing the pilot project and may award the project to a contractor in February. The football-shaped rumble strips will extend across U.S. 400 from the Labette/Cherokee County line east to the K-171 junction and continue south on U.S. 69 to the U.S. 69/U.S. 160 junction north of Crestline, according to KDOT. The strips are installed on roads to warn drivers when their vehicles drift across the center line into oncoming traffic to possibly help avoid collisions. The estimated cost of installation is $1,800 per mile. 'I think the pilot project is a good idea,' said state Rep. Bob Grant. 'The center line rumble strips may save a life. After the pilot project is implemented I hope we receive some feedback from our constituents and the people who travel our highways.' 09/21/2007; 1:33:28 PM"

I'm hoping this will be a good reminder to folks to stay on their side of the road. Some of our roads are low enough traffic that some drivers think it's not a big deal to cross the center line - as do some semis on roads that are their narrower options to roads less than 5 miles away.

Bottom line - this should make us all safer given how many collisions are head-on because someone has crossed the center line.

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