Friday, September 28, 2007

week's reflections

I was hoping to be over the allergy attack/head cold by now but it seems to still be draining a bit of energy. Although, as usual, I had tons on the list to get done, I am only getting the bare minimum done (ie grading and a few other odds and ends). At least I wasn't scheduled to travel this week. And I did finish the first round of a large project - now I just have to wait for revision suggestions. As I realized later, despite the weekly turn-in schedule over 5 weeks, the reviewer is too busy to get back to me. So, I'll just roll with the flow when I do here back. With evaluation presentations and a conference presentation with grant teachers in a nearby state (at least it's driving and not flying!.... yet), the week will go fast. I did get a major home project "in progress" - something that's been going on for about 5 years - will be nice to finally eliminate the obstacles and move forward.

Fall weather is starting to kick in although I am getting tired of days that still reach into the 80s - summer is officially over. And, I am hoping for some good snow this winter!


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