Saturday, October 13, 2007

Saturday morning

Finally made it back to the farm yesterday and the landscaping progress looks good. This is the 4th and hopefully last time. And we have some of the drainage issues figured out which should mean I'll have to bring no more dirt to the farm. But it is good dirt and better than the clay we would have gotten from the field.

Some friends of my brother are coming over to hunt today and luckily the rain forecast didn't come to fruition. I'm going to bake an apple pie this morning (think breakfast!) and get another presentation ready and then go outside and tackle the heavy-duty growth along the driveway with the serious blade weedeater attachment.

This is the first fall tv season in many, many years that has several shows that appear to be worth watching instead of just one or two filtered premieres throughout the year. Thank goodness for digital video recorders that allow skipping commercials and starting to watch the show ten minutes after it's start instead of the old VHS waiting for the recording to finish.

Steak at Fireside should be on the agenda tonight. Now if I just had Samantha's powers to clean the house. I grew up with Samantha's magical powers and was about the age of her character's daughter. Ah, 60s television . ..

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