Monday, November 12, 2007

Nearby History

Saturday morning I joined some friends for breakfast at a diner between here and nearby big town (mall, movies, etc.) and it was quite good - esp. considering I've been on the search for good diners. However, as is true to tradition, smoking was allowed and that's not usually a "go backer". As we ate, the place filled up with hunters given that the state's rifle season had just opened.

While they had to go off to other work duties, I decided to keep driving to another nearby town that had had their diner/coffee house featured in the local paper and on the Diners, Drive-Ins show on the Food Network. It was about 12:20 when I was there and the place had no one there to eat - not a good sign or at least a sign that people primarily eat there on weekday lunch times and not on Saturdays. I drove through a few other towns on our part of old Route 66 - I've traveled the western parts of itbut not eastward to Chicago given that we usually fly that direction if Chicago is the destination. And in between St. Louis is usually the destination in between and so we go interstate. I remember Dad talking about how the interstate saved him an all-day trip to St. Louis whereas after the interstate, he could usually get there in time for lunch given that you didn't have to stop in every small town on the way. Not good for local businesses but good for long trips - esp. when they involve work.

The leaves are about 1/2 turned but already falling so we won't have the full range of fall cover given our drought and then late too much rain in the summer/early fall.

My poor little Shadow was along for the ride but not much more. I'm spending all the time with him that he wants given his wanting to be by himself more and my still having to work to pay the mortgage. I hate that I have a big trip at which I'm presenting and involved as an officer but I keep reminding myself whether I'm here or there, I can't keep him longer than he actually will be on this earth and I just have to say my goodbyes accordingly. When I lost Sadie Bess, it seemed much faster, primarily because I didn't realize how old she was when I adopted her and only had her two years and because I was so busy finishing this house and then getting moved in. However, it was especially lonely going from an apartment full of people around and then back in my hometown and then to a new town in a new neighborhood with no friends my age besides everyone almost my parents age that I worked with. So, it won't be as lonely this time even though the neighbor that's been here the whole time moved their furniture out to their new house across town over the weekened. My "newer" neighbors have had dogs and have a new younger one now so they certainly understand what I'm dealing with. And even having other people in the house doesn't mean you don't miss the animal members of the family. I know it will be hard and that I can deal with it. As I've mentioned, I just don't want the little guy to be in pain.

I had planned to get a formal picture of him sometime and now he's too old to make that something I want to do given that I want to remember him as an alert younger dog and not a tired, old dog. We're going to see the vet again this morning to get some of the oral form of the medicine to help him with his arthritis. I am feeling guilty however because for the last few weeks before the last time I took him in I got after him for not going down the 3 deck steps right away in the morning because I wanted to get back in the house and get ready for the day - now I realize his arthritis was bothering him. Next time I'll know to start carrying him. In so many other ways, however, he just didn't show any signs of being in pain or slowing down in addition to my not wanting him to go. I want him to be here for the holidays but now that is becoming more and more unlikely with each passing day.

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