Wednesday, December 19, 2007


It seems as if December is the fastest month - all of the grading is done, thank goodness. Am on brief family holiday doing something I haven't done since the mid-80s but I regained the hang of it today. A relative is doing things to shoot himself in the foot and doesn't want help . . . . but is rude about it all. It appears as if it's the classic . . . . I know I'm wrong and asking for help but don't like it when I get it. I'll keep having to learn that some things never change . . . . and that my job is not to let them impact me.

Christmas will be a bit lonely without my little Shadow but I am traveling as much as is humanely possible until the time is right to get another dog. I will blog later about my trip to the humane society last week. It appears that I owe several blog entries and will surely catch up within a month . . . . hopefully sooner.

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