Saturday, December 08, 2007

Santa Fe

The trip to Santa Fe was outstanding - not only the food, Pasqual's is a favorite, but also spending time with colleagues/friends and working with the teachers in Santa Fe as they begin their adventure as part of a Teaching American History grant. They explored western history and seemed keenly interested in more closely exploring New Mexico history.

We have 3 TAH grant applications successfully submitted and I'm helping with some others.

I heard a report on controlling stress this morning and it underscored some of the things I'm trying to do - take pleasure in the small things (ie chopping food for a meal) and don't be afraid to stay in a hot shower a few minutes longer. Since Shadow's been gone, I've been working especially hard to slow down. I stayed at the same place I did when Shadow was with me (the reservations were made when I thought he would still be around) and so some of the memories were a bit difficult but that is just part of what will be happening as I deal with all of this.

I'm hoping to get home tomorrow but the weather may not cooperate. Luckily, I only hit fog about 50 miles out of where I planned to stop. Hopefully driving mostly interstate will mean the roads should be in better shape. It will be interesting to see what I wake up to tomorrow. The worst of the storm isn't supposed to hit here until Monday.

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