Monday, January 28, 2008

It's Monday Already!

How did it get to be Monday again already?

We had a candidate on campus Thursday and Friday and, as expected, that consumed most of the non-student time and also provided for some much-needed social interaction.

I attended a reception at the Truman Library Institute in Independence, MO, last week that was quite worthwhile in many aspects. It was also great to spend some much-needed time with relatives. They found a little 15-lb lab puppy in a storm drain this summer and it's now challenging for them to deal with a 50-lb lab with lots of energy. But it was good exercise for me to walk/job with him.

Mom needed help cleaning out the attic - the plan was in the works but the furnace failure expedited the process.

Most importantly, my dining room table (aka work table) is all cleared off so I can use it for more than piling on more papers. (We'll leave the office for a bit later.)

Our unusual almost 60 degree weather yesterday allowed time for some outdoor work to be continued - mulching and pulling up errant plants that grew from limbs that had grown beyond my ability to keep up with triming them. Now, to get rid of the 3 oak trees in inconvenient places thanks to our very busy squirrels.

My Modern America, 1941-68 class meets for the first time this afternoon - it's always good to get the first class meeting completed to get a better feel for them.

Back to other work . . . .

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