Friday, February 15, 2008

Quite a Week

It's been quite a week on this end. I helped some other departments in the college and university work on submitting a grant to prepare more elementary teachers to effectively teach middle school math and science. And, of course, grant deadlines are always interesting.

Students are finally getting the hang of what to expect in classes and that my classes aren't the "hang out for several weeks and then hurry up and take a test, repeat" and instead require consistently keeping up even if it's a once-a-week F2F class.

Went to a service meeting yesterday - was great seeing everyone - we're getting ready for our next accreditation visit in 2010.

We had 60 something degrees yesterday as another cold front moved in but, sadly, we missed out on the wintry mix.

I'm working on a project all day today and then will enjoy the farm and working out in the cold with frozen, non-muddy ground. And, of conditions are right, I will burn waste wood tomorrow.

I have a lecture ready for Monday about German American internment camps in Kansas to help bring home WWII to our students. I saw the Camp Concordia remains this past August . . .. along with finding a neat quilt store.

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