Saturday, March 01, 2008

Saturday at the Humane Society

Today was a good day at the humane society. Someone adopted Baxter before I even had a chance to sit with the little guy. A sad story turned joyful quite quickly. A couple brought in a little lhasa apso. Their daughter had moved to TX and had just left the dog behind and the landlord had called them to get it. Sammie is just the sweetest little buy - but no sooner had I put him up on petfinder than a family took him home. Luckily little man! And Molly went to a home that had adopted a beagle from the shelter last year. Xavier the chow/shepherd pup is back - apparently blind in one eye because of a genetic defect - but you can't tell it in how he acts. I tried to walk a few of the dogs and Coby became the lap dog this week - he's an affenpinscher. He actually gave me a few kisses on my hand. I tried to get the scared group - including Dr. Pepper - to warm up to me but I'm just not out there enough. I could tell I really missed being out there last week. I kept meaning to leave and then the rush of people that ended up adopting came just after all but the main worker left. I am definitely a smaller lap dog type of person. I did take Sweetie for a walk - she's a lab/shepherd mix and all her puppies were adopted. Chandler the cat got an earful from me when he swiped his claws at me when I didn't even know he was there - later I had to help make sure a little boy didn't get too close - he was getting down on his level and with this cat, that's not good and definitely dangerous. It was funny when Xavier went over and barked at him more than once. (Can you tell dogs rule in my world? People own dogs, cats have staff . . . . . )

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