Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shadow and Humane Society

Here's one of the last pictures I have of Shadow - he's "out west" with me on our way to Montana. I always thought of him as my little guy and he was always a little trooper about traveling - as long as he was with me, he was happy and content. This also kept him out of the August Kansas heat. And, he was able to ride in the new more comfortable vehicle.

One of the min pin pups went home today. You could tell the young woman adopting them really thought about both of them but could only take one. The other one should go quickly.

Another volunteer said the poodle pup that had been there briefly last week was 8 weeks old and very small. So, someone is looking out for me since it would have killed me not to be able to take it (and it's too soon given my traveling this month).

I worked outside and was finishing the big stuff just as the Disaster Relief truck came by to pick up on the roadside right-of-way. I had just read in the morning paper that they were doing another pick-up but didn't realize it would be today. I pushed the limits of my Black and Decker alligator and did get the biggest parts of some of the downed trees in the back. The biggest problem is the drainage issue is only worse and not better given how much the tractors, etc., behind us pushed dirt into our drainage trench. Will have to get that fixed soon even though the city is working on the drainage further down. Too bad we didn't realize the damage the men were doing at the time - but then there's probably no way unless we stayed home from work to watch over them to make sure they didn't push so much dirt off their property and onto ours. It reminded me of when the lot next to me was empty and a different group of tractors and equipment pushed down all the trees - including about 20 on my property - the big red flag in the middle of the trees signaling the property line didn't mean a thing to them - 6 tractors on one little house lot and they just went to town.

I took some pictures at the humane society but forgot the online access passwords to actually post them so will have to email Aaron for them or send them to his email depending on when I hear back from him about one picture of a dog they think might be eligible for a particular rescue group.

I'm tired - and glad I did the outside work first - it looks like winter outside again after it being spring weather again this morning. I do like the variety that others complain about. Last March I was in a Residence Inn at Michigan State so I'm enjoying this part of March I'm spending around here.

I have some work for tomorrow that I have thankfully have plenty of time to do tonight.

Another winter storm is approaching so I posted a message on ANGEL to students to tell them we'll just have to see how it all turns out tomorrow to know whether we have class or not but not to risk their lives to get there. It's not supposed to be as much ice this time so it may be fine. I would like to finish grading their tests.

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