Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sunday - More Progress

I was able to get another chunk of course prep done yesterday - finally getting some of it done early. Each semester I overwhelm myself trying to figure out new approaches to the requisite topics covered in whatever classes I'm teaching. From now on, instead of teaching a class that is usually almost 90% new each semester, I'm going to tackle new topics and new teaching strategies as I run across them and not put myself under the gun almost every week of every semester. Working smart instead of working too hard, maybe?

The students at my university hosted their annual international food fair. I had some great Indian Behl from the African students and some interesting crepes and Charlotte cake from the Russian students and some potstickers from the Chinese students. And it was fun to see some familiar faces.

Not unusually, I got off to a late start this morning with the time change. I went to the humane society just before noon and the poodle pup was back. He had had to have surgery - not something genetic, thank goodness, and probably just a possible fact of being abandoned. I waited til last to play with him. He's a cute little guy but I'm not convinced he's full poodle - his hair isn't quite curly enough and there's white at the front of his two toes and a bit on his chest and the rest of him is black. I gave all but one of the two more shy dogs treats and stayed longer than I had planned because of the poodle. I called my friend June because I had mixed emotions - he didn't seem to be "it" but I felt guilty leaving him. She reminded me that if he was the right one, I wouldn't be thinking about it so hard. And new poodles do show up every week on Petfiner. As Aaron at the shelter said, he won't have any trouble finding a good home and will go right away. Oh, I did hear back from the Fluffy Butts foster mom but the more I think about it, I'm just not sure about two dogs. I can carry along one dog lots of places that two won't go and my guess is that most dog-friendly hotels will prefer only one per room.

I have some prep for tomorrow to do, work on grading, and my taxes to do for Tuesday. All before I leave.

It was warm enough (51 degrees) to wash the car this afternoon and then I ventured into cleaning out the main component of the garage cabinets. Most of the stuff actually in the cabinets (and not on top) was put there when I moved in thirteen and a half years ago. As I picked up everything, I thought "why am I still keeping this?". And, as I've been learning from research and actually cleaning over the last few weeks, sometimes it becomes very easy to identify the emotional tie of a particular object and remind myself that the tie is not going to go away just because I throw away a thing. I wiped out the cabinets and put a great deal of the stuff on top the cabinets in them - where they should be. Now to get some more mice bait to put at the back to deter them if they get in the garage again next winter.

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