Saturday, April 05, 2008

In Search of Morels: The Creek is Running

I spent some time yesterday walking around the north side of my property - there is a creek I don't remember being there but was a great discovery given that it takes water to produce morel mushrooms. I'll have to ask the neighbors if they are finding any morels yet. I have yet to find them on the farm since I've had it. It's truly an art and the secret to finding them is not readily shared. My guess, however, is that the deer and turkey get them before I can even look for them. Then, I spent some time getting the logs and limbs from the two large trees we cut in back. We didn't realize til we tried to cut on them this last fall that they were still growing so they are cut into pieces to be easier to cut in smaller pieces. But, now that the 4wheeler is running again, I was able to get move some of it up to where I will burn it eventually (since obviously I can't burn in the woods near the house). The landscaping has held up relatively well given the large amounts of rain - which is hopefully good for growing. I will soon start bringing over some more ivy from mom and dad's to help contain losing more of the dirt. A never ending battle with nature - I just wish I had realized what was happening when I first moved here. I can tell I haven't gotten out here enough lately - it's great for my mental health when I am here. In the last month or so, I've just had time to run out to check on the basic upkeep, spend the night, and go home.

Today I'll do some grant writing work, some grading, and some fun, fun housecleaning. The last two tie for being the most fun. I just get so frustrated when students choose to not review the directions before submitting assignments and miss easy points.

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