Monday, May 12, 2008

Garden Progress

This evening Molly and I planted the garden herbs around the ever-expanding strawberries (due to last year's heavy rain is my guess given my lack of a green thumb). I am having to teach Molly not to jump into the garden but given that Shadow liked to jump up there, it might be an interesting challenge for me to accomplish.

I planted rosemary and basil - the oregano has spread for the last several years as have the chives. The mint Mom gave me last year also really spread - great for Mojitos (Bacardi bottles). I also planted tarragon - a new addition last year. I am giving fennel a try for the first time and am going to plant creeping rosemary at the farm. Cilantro was another re-plant as was Italian parsley. And I'm trying some dill for the first time.

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