Saturday, May 31, 2008


Mollydog is making sure but steady progress feeling more secure in her new environment. And, for me, it's wonderful having a dog who doesn't run off at the slightest opportunity. Molly did, however, figure out how to get out of the fenced part of the yard yesterday - but it was to come to me as I was getting the lawnmower out on the other side of the house where she couldn't see me. I knew that her ultimate escape was inevitable given that the humane society warned me she had gotten out of her kennel gate into the larger fenced area whenever someone was out there working and/or walking another dog.

And, yesterday, she also made great strides playing with her neighbor Manny - the corgi next door. Manny is several times her size but he quickly learned if he wanted to play, he had to kick it down a few notches. Then, they just had the greatest time running around together. It will be good socialization and exercise for both of them. And, it looks like I won't have to venture out on the ice to walk her in the winter like I did Shadow because running around in the yard is enough for her to eventually do her business.

I think it will be harder for me to leave her today at the vets to go to DC for a grant project. Manny's mom is picking her up for me so that she will be here when I get home on Monday night and won't have to wait until Tuesday morning to get her.

Since I have to leave her today, I will head up to Kansas City and explore the Power and Light District as it continues to grow and have breakfast with a friend in the morning before heading out. Not sure where I will eat tonight but somewhere near the P&L District - unless I succumb to Gates BBQ first.

When I get back, I'll have two weeks to finish up a multitude of projects. And the house is finally close enough to caught up to do that in a reasonable fashion. I'm learning to set boundaries and not let other people make their deadlines mine - especially given that group projects take everyone working together and not one person directing the rest of us like students. And, it's making the ultimate project a richer one given that more of this later group is so much more heavily involved in the implementing the subject of the ultimate product - it's a continuum and not a "been there, done that". That's one of the largest visions we all share.

It's raining AGAIN but I should drive out of it in KC and will have great weather in DC. Now I need to go figure out how light I can pack for an overnight stay.

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