Wednesday, June 04, 2008

More 70 mph winds

Just as I went to bed last night, the wind seemed to get quite loud. Given our recent storm experiences, I decided I should get up and check things out. By the time the satellite signal came back on the tv, the worst of the 70 mph winds had gone through. The tornadic activity was most likely on the front end of the storm. But I'm glad I was in the basement for the worst of it apparently. Guess I won't be doing the weedeating first thing - hopefully it will dry out enough later to do it sometime today in spite of our already getting 90 degree heat.

Molly was excited to see me when I got home late Monday night - in contrast to Shadow's pouting to let me know he was mad he'd been left. So, Molly doesn't seem to have the same separation anxiety issues as Shadow did - another thing to cause less stress for me. The neighbor was kind enough to pick her up for me so I didn't have to wait until the next morning to get her and it gave both dogs a chance to play.

I had her hair cut while she was there and it's now quite clear she is 100% poodle. So, although she looks quite different with her short do, she's becoming more and more "my" dog.

The work in DC went very well - interesting people and interesting projects to discuss. And great food at Zaytinya - a now regular stop on any trip to DC. It was weired, however, not going into the National Archives while I was there.

Summer planning is moving right along.

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