Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The First Day of July

As the calendar turns to the second half of 2008, it's clear that this summer is not only flying by but is ultimately less stressful than almost any in my adult memory - which includes going to graduate school, sponsoring cheerleaders (what seems a lifetime ago), making major life changes (school and jobs), and running teacher institutes.

The biggest lesson I'm still learning is to find the line between what situations I can improve and those over which I have no control.

Thanks to the growth of area farmers' markets, especially a farmer near Lamar and the market in Webb City, I'm eating much healthier - at least when I'm home.

I'm gradually winning the weed war at the farm and think I am winning the water war at home given that it looks like the city is finally fixing the 2-year-old drainage issue well beyond my control.

It's still a weird feeling, however, given that every summer since 2002 I have had something in July to be in charge of. Instead, this year, I am attending a conference on games and learning and evaluating a grant plus taking care of other mostly fun business in New York City. Then there is still almost a month before school starts plus another birthday to celebrate.

Perspective really does make a difference in how we view and deal with life but why do we have to learn the hard way - through time and experience?

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