Monday, July 28, 2008

I don't like bees! (since obviously bees don't like me)

I was working in the back of the yard where the city finally (after almost 2 years) cleared out the blocked drainage to continue to clear out the sticks and vines, etc. Never before have I angered a stinging insect but apparently this time I did. And I couldn't get it away from me so there's about 5 sting marks that really scared me. Luckily, the neighbor was outside and was able to help me make sure it wasn't still in my hair or clothing - it kept stinging me on my back.

My guess is that the city digging down stirred up a nest underground or I pulled on overhead vines in a different way. I went back to get the box I was using to collect everything I was picking up and was stung again so the other neighbors will wonder why a box is just sitting back there.

I was only stung one other time and that was over 20 years ago. My parents were glad I was finally stung given that my dad has severe allergic reactions to any stings. I can still remember going down to Neosho with him every once in awhile to get his shot and how he was supposed to keep a remedy shot in his car but it was usually outdated and, if not, probably useless given all the car heat it experienced at least during the summers.

I don't think I still have any stingers in my skin but I guess time will tell. In reality, the fire ant bites I experienced in Pensacola were worse - especially in that the bite hurt worse as time went on - esp. the first time since I didn't know that ants weren't harmless (the Midwest doesn't yet have fire ants although they are marching this way.)

It's been long enough to assure that I won't have an allergic reaction. I was curious given that I didn't used to be sensitive to poison ivy and now I am very sensitive (and that was actually my main concern when I was out digging around in the weeds and vines back there).

So, live and learn and take insect spray with me next time. I did get the mowing done thank goodness but know the high heat and humidity is not adding anything to my sunny disposition. Now, I'm getting some much-needed computer work done.

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