Friday, July 25, 2008


I had a great time this week in the Big Apple. First, dinner with Carol - which is always fun. We ate at a great French restaurant in her neighborhood. Then, it was off to the Embassy Suites to join the TAH groups form Colorado and New Mexico with my friend Rich and his family.

I made my first trek to Ellis Island as an adult - and called Mom while I was there given that she is the family genealogist. I then headed up to watch one of David's grants in action at CUNY. Quite interesting- how similar yet how different teachers in the NYC boroughs are in comparison to the teachers I work with in Missouri and Kansas.

Boeing, Boeing was a lot of fun - especially getting to see it from the 4th row. Wednesday was busy with a meeting with a grant partner and with a publisher. I met up with David again that evening in Tribeca and even found some unique clothing - plus, it was on sale. Then, I met back up with Rich and family.

The flight home was delayed a bit but I made it home just in time to see Molly.

I caught up with several colleagues today when I arrived at the Lake of the Ozarks - ran into some downpours on the way down but at least it cooled it off a bit for sleeping tonight.

Molly is clearly getting more comfortable here. Because of the heat, it's probably the last visit until Labor Day. But at least Sam has the jet skis out this time and I already have my pedal kayak hauled down and will take it out in the morning.

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