Sunday, July 27, 2008

Summer is going, going, going, and almost gone

It was another good weekend at the lake with the only negative being the lack of central air and having to share the portable ac now that it is hot enough that even Sam admits there needs to be more cool air flow. Blackwater Jack's didn't close so the crab rangoon is still some of the best I've eaten. Plus their signature frozen drink isn't bad.

I was able to get out twice in the pedal kayak. Yesterday morning I managed to misalign the pedals and had to wait until I got back home to get some small tools to get it back into the right position - it was jammed every which way but the right one and I'm still not sure what worked exactly to get it back into the right spot to work again.

I had some more time to read Robert Caro's Power Broker. It is an interesting study of how Robert Moses gained the power to get things done in New York City and how getting elected to public office wasn't the way to get it done. And having walked around the main city offices with David earlier in the week made it seem more alive. Now to go to the Tenement Museum to complete at least that part of the experience.

This will be an interesting week. I turn another year older and celebrations will ensue. And then an overnight trip to Kansas City to hear Doug Hurt and meet with folks at the KCPL again about grants.

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