Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Great Plains in World War II

Attending Doug Hurt's presentation at the Kansas City Public Library last Thursday was both fun and informative. There was a good crowd - 70 people - despite a competing presentation also at the library.

Hurt discussed his latest book from the University of Nebraska Press: The Great Plains in World War II. The book examines the unique experiences of the those living in the Great Plains Midwest during this critical time in the nation's 20th century experience. His PowerPoint slides provided some specific examples of these experiences, including the airplane industry in Wichita and the farms of Nebraska.

A comprehensive regional history of this nature is not currently the popular norm in historical studies yet this book fits an important niche for a variety of interested professionals interested in history - including teachers, the public, and historians interested in economics, the home front, WWII, and regional and state histories.

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