Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vacation in Vegas

My brother once again very graciously offered to take me to Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. We stayed at my favorite spot and I thoroughly enjoyed the spa and the restaurants. The heat was a little much but to be expected. We ate at Prime - it was the first time we had eaten there and we enjoyed the fountain show as much as the outstanding steak and wine. I did some shopping at some specialty boutiques and it's quite convenient for them to mail my packages home rather than having to worry about finding room for them in the luggage. And, with postage being less than sales tax, it even saves money. The pastry shop at the hotel as its usual outstanding spot to grab breakfast and/or a snack.

And, the last day, I won $200 on the blackjack machine. Just don't ask what I lost on the previous days. . ..

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