Wednesday, September 03, 2008

September Rain

We experienced the very outer edges of the big storm today but it felt like the first day of fall. Instead of being a warm, steamy rain, it was a cool fall-like rain. And I am certainly ready! I love living where we have four seasons. All I wish for is a little more snow but I certainly can go places to find that at the appropriate times of the year.

So far I am on top of everything at school even though a few students who are trying to jump ahead of the curriculum are creating a few issues we will get resolved so that it works out best for them. Our program is increasingly judged by the success of our graduates not only in obtaining full-time employment but also on their scores on the national exam required by the state. I wish there were more ways to help them understand how critical that is to our even maintaining a program to offer them.

I'm still overwhelmed managing some people issues with colleagues but know that, in the end, the truth will win out. It's a good thing that some cliches are true.

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