Sunday, October 05, 2008

One more armadillo down

I arrived at the farm today to find one less armadillo alive. That is definitely a good thing considering how much landscape damage they are doing.

It was a beautiful evening out here. I can't believe we're still getting 80 degree daytime weather. But the good news is that it shouldn't rain except for the day we arrive for the Southern History Association meeting in New Orleans later this week.

Last week was a stressful one - but mainly due to situations beyond my control. I just need to keep repeating that there will always be things I can't keep in line and I need to keep practicing "let it go, let it go". Mainly, I need to distract myself when my negative thoughts start swirling around and going deeper and deeper.

I'll start seeing student teachers this week and that is usually a great validation of all the hard work that has been put in to getting to that point for students - especially when they are student teaching for former students that are doing quite well.

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