Saturday, November 08, 2008


I headed out to the farm after I picked up Molly so that I could check on the landscaping and do any watering that might be necessary before the ground freezes. I was probably safe not having to water but am glad I came out - was able to try a new citrus stripper that actually seems to have worked on most of orange overspray from the weatherproofing a friend did last year (his workers didn't cover the windows as I asked over and over - lesson learned, they can't do work here without my being here next time since these things only seem to happen when I'm not here). I went back over everything with Glass Plus so hopefully there was no caustic residue that would cause problems later because the stripper wasn't cleanly wiped away.

The best news is that the landscaping seems to have really taken well - the ivy has "popped" like it has successfully taken root - even the pieces I moved that were growing up the side of the front porch.

The steroid shot is already showing great progress and less red itchy skin. And, of course the hydrocortisone cream. The lesson learned here is that next time I go get a cortisone shot at the urgent care clinic before I leave town - esp. for such an important meeting.

And, of course, there's always laundry

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