Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Break

This is going to be an interesting Christmas break - busy getting ready for two conferences; attend two conferences; then 6 days before returning to campus. Online students anxious to start in the meantime. Correction - know what the course is all about, not actually start turning in work. :-)

The conferences will be fun - both in New York City and lots of friends will be there (or already there since they live there). Looks like we'll have decent weather for the flight up. That's always a good thing.

Not sure how much I should say here about students who procrastinate and then report you to the dean when you don't "hop to it" during the last two hours of the semester when you are attending a funeral and helping out the family. I might need to write a "Dear Stu" letter a la profgrrrrl - "Dear Stu - You missed a required course meeting despite four reminders; you asked another prof to write you an excuse instead of responding to my after the fact reminder email of what else you needed to do to finish the course; you ignored an additional email. Then, when you realize you have been issued an "Incomplete" since your work is indeed, incomplete, you not only complain to the dean but call my parent's house. My parents are retired and don't actually have anything to do with my work anyway. I hope when you are in charge of teaching next semester that you will have students who procrastinate less."

That feels better. It is the Christmas season, after all.

I did some cooking (macaroni and cheese not out of the box) and baking (grandmother's cinnamon bread - the storemade cinnamon bread just isn't the same!) and so now it's finishing wrapping presents, research, and writing.

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