Monday, January 05, 2009

AHA - Day Two

Saturday brought the full force of historians and interactive energy to the Hilton and the Sheraton and the blocks in between.

I attended the Historians Film Committee session on Why We Fought: America's Wars in Films and History. As the panel chair noted, a few years ago, the room wouldn't have been filled because interest in films and history used to be seen as more to the periphery of more traditional historians. The overflowing into the hallway crowd heard about Ken Burns' Civil War, Clint Eastwood's foray into WWII era films, and Cold War Berlin at the movies.

Sam Wineburg was the luncheon keynote at the National History Education Clearinghouse all-day event. It was great getting to say hello when I ran into him in the hallway and, as always, his presentations always intrigue his audience. He turned Bloom's Taxonomy on its head to emphasize historical questions and questioning as opposed to primarily concentrating on rote memorization of facts and dates, especially without the proper contextualization. Our teacher leadership team member joined me there and we re-visited the book exhibits afterward. The OAH was so frantic that I wasn't able to really look around the book exhibit so this afternoon opportunity seemed like a real treat.

I joined a colleague and his wife for dinner at Dervish that evening. I'm not sure I've ever been to a specifically Turkish restaurant before. More common for me is the Mediterranean food.

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