Monday, February 16, 2009

'Tis the Season

This is grant-writing season (March 9 is the due date and none of us wants to push that envelope this year - too much unnecessary stress) and it's been interesting working with some new partners.

I'm busy preparing and grading for classes now that the semester is in full gear as far as students go.

There's also quite a bit of work going on at my house - replacing the popcorn ceiling with an orange peel ceiling - fewer cobwebs and getting rid of the 15-year-old paint. It _almost_ looks like a brand new house. I'm also adding some color to walls. I moved in and only used an ivory paint during construction and had some of that redone about 8 years ago. Now, it's time to add some color. It's all moving a bit fast but I know I will be glad to have it done. And the man doing the work will do a lot of other odds and ends that either I don't have time to do or he can do much better/faster and/or that I just can't do.

Poor Molly is a little disoriented . . .

I'm also spending more time on Facebook . . .

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