Saturday, April 04, 2009

TAH Symposium

We had the 4th annual TAH Symposium co-sponsored by H-Net/H-TAH and the OAH in conjunction with the OAH annual meeting in Seattle last week. It went really well. Lots of audience interaction and Sam Wineburg gave a thought-provoking keynote address about how we have to prove to the federal government that we are not a failing program if we want the funding to continue.

We had teachers and curriculum directors talk about what teachers get AND what they contribute. We also had 3 faculty members talk about how the TAH grants have impacted what they are doing. We called that session "The Better Angels of our Nature" and tried to tackle the concept of continuing this interaction even after funding ends. Then, we had 3 people who did not begin life as evaluators talk about how central evaluation is to designing and implementing grants.

Amy at OAH again organized a great Dine Around and all that participated had a great time and great food!

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A TAH grant had a HUGE impact on my life! Woo Hoo for TAH!
Thanks. But be sure to give yourself all the credit you deserve. You made the most of the opportunity and continue to seek out new ways to learn history. Wahoo for you!!!
It was the best TAH gathering to date, K -- including the directors' meetings, and those have been quite good these past few years. You've dialed in an excellent way to make use of having folks from many parts of the country around the same table for precious hours.
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