Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A book is a place - Books - Entertainment - theage.com.au

A book is a place - Books - Entertainment - theage.com.au: "The emergence of the web turned this vision of the book of the future as a solid, albeit multimedia object completely upside down and inside out. Multimedia is engaging, especially in a format that encourages reflection. But locating discourse inside a dynamic network promises even more profound possibilities.

Reading and writing have always been social activities, but the fact tends to be obscured by the way we engage with the medium of print. We grew up with images of the solitary reader curled up in a chair or under a tree and the writer alone in a garret.

The most important thing my colleagues and I have learned over the past few years from a series of experiments with 'networked books' is that as discourse moves off the page onto the network, the social aspects are revealed with sometimes startling clarity. These exchanges move from background to foreground, a transition that has dramatic implications."

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