Monday, February 15, 2010


February is going almost as fast as January did. We have a dusting of snow this morning and definitely cold temps.

Last week we took our TAH grant teachers to the National Archives in Kansas City. Based on their reflection papers, they seemed to really enjoy the experience. It's also a learning experience for me because I went over some of the material during our first meeting last spring. I'm wondering if it's as simple as the continual repetition to help them understand how ARC works? I hope they'll tell me more as we progress in the grant.

I also now know to emphasize more the "Our Documents" and the "Document of the Day" at the site.

I'm working away on grant proposals and also picked up my new vehicle last week.

An alumnus is coming to speak to my teaching methods class - it's a great way to help them better understand the real world. I'm not sure either of them currently knows where that is but maybe today will help.

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